We are seeking individuals looking for a rewarding career in supporting extraordinary people to live extraordinary lives. We are offering a platform comprising of quality training and experienced management support to applicants who understand the meaning and importance of "supported living".

Applicants do not need experience, but must have a caring and forward thinking approach to supporting our customers not only to live their daily lives, but to experience the very best that life has to offer and more! We want our team to work for our customers and be advocates for all people living with disabilities within the wider community.

Pay rates vary upon experience and qualifications. But don't worry, if you are coming in to this industry without any experience or qualifications, we will support you to quickly achieve in your role and work your way up our pay structure, enhancing your skills and developing you as a person as well as a support worker, along the way.

We also offer an employee benefits package and make a pledge to our team that we will go to every effort to be a good employer. To find out more, read our Employee Introduction!

Read our Employee Pledge!


We have a range of full and part time positions available. As a lot of our customers require 24/7 support, all positions will include sleep in and weekend duties.

Applicants with driving licenses are a bonus! But a driving license is not essential. But it is absolutely essential that applicants can communicate clearly and with confidence as many of our customers experience communication difficulties.

So what is next? Please read our job description - the link is below. The job description details some of the specifics of the role. But as you can imagine, when you are supporting someone to live their best life, anything can present itself! Which is what makes this job so appealing and rewarding.

Our Ethos

Our ethos surrounds giving our customers the best quality of life possible and we truly believe that in order to achieve this, we need to employ and nurture a staff team whom can deliver this ethos every day.

In return, we pledge the following:

  • To train you to fulfil your role to the very best of your ability and we will support and supervise you regularly to maintain this.
  • We will make sure that you are treated with absolute respect and kindness by everyone - you are our service and are considered our most valuable asset to deliver high levels of care and support to our customers.
  • Head Office is a place that you can visit without appointment Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm for any reason (unless unmanned for any reason, in which case the staff on shift will be notified of this) and always made to feel welcomed.
  • A manager is always available to you for anything you might need when on shift.
  • We will use company profits to reward you and the rest of the team for your hard work.
  • We will support you if you aren't performing and treat you fairly if you are to display conduct below our expectations.
  • Any criticisms of you are done so privately and constructively.
  • Any action taken against you is fast, discreet, fair and consistent.
  • We will ask you to feed back to us in supervision and the annual quality assurance campaign how you think we perform as a service and employer so we can make sure that you are happy at work.
  • We will always compete with other providers like us to offer you the best possible rates of pay.
  • We will ensure your working conditions are safe and pleasant and provide any safety equipment you need to do your job.

Would You like to Apply?

If you would like to apply, please print out an application pack and post it to Complete Support Care Services Ltd, 36 Ashley Lane, Northampton, NN3 7TJ. Alternatively, call us on 01604 307758 and we can send you out our application pack today! We are really looking forward to hearing from you!

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