Lottie's Yard

Lottie's Yard is a unique living and learning experience available to people with learning disabilities in Northampton. The therapeutic effect of animals is becoming more recognised within the scientific field, especially amongst people with mental health and communication difficulties. Findings from our sessions have revealed that people arriving at Lottie's Yard will often leave with an observable sense of increased mental well being. Using small and large animals, we support people with learning disabilities to set outcome based goals, recognise undiscovered strengths, develop life skills, improve health and wellbeing, produce pride inducing art and crafts, socialise and make new friends and expand their knowledge on animals and outdoor living. The scope of the sessions is vast and person centred. We use work books to track peoples progress, which come in alternative formats dependent upon a persons ability and understanding. Achievements are celebrated regardless of their significance - we support people to be forever reaching their potential and beyond. All within the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside.

Lottie's Yard

K felt a great sense of achievement completing the level 1 workbook


Our programs are flexible - after assessing your needs, abilities, likes and dislikes, a program will be developed especially for YOU and reviewed at least annually. Your program could include any or all of the following:
(For all topics there are practical and theory based activities available)

HORSE AND/OR SMALL ANIMAL CARE Safety, grooming, husbandry, feed & nutrition, anatomy, exercise, mental wellbeing & healthcare
LAND MAINTENANCE Pasture and boundary care and maintenance
LIFE SKILLS Transferrable skills (yard to home), promoting independence, hygiene, health & safety, self-care, outdoor living skills.
ARTS & CRAFTS Therapeutic work, functional art work/communication tools, decorative, personal achievement.
PROJECT BASED ACTIVITIES Customer led topics encompassing self-sufficiency, resourcefulness, community projects and helping others.

Lottie's Yard

Lottie's calming temperament has helped S through a tough summer


Lottie belongs to Brie and was raised as a therapy horse by her previous owner. By coincidence or fate, two of Complete Support Care Services Ltd's customers will proudly tell you that they helped to raise Lottie from a foal. During 2020's COVID-19 lockdown, these two customers were being supported exclusively by Brie, which meant that they were fortunate enough to be able to accompany Brie to a private space at Lottie's yard during this time.
This led to these customers bringing their small animals to the yard as well and Brie began developing a program to make the yard trips a valuable tool in lifting the customers spirits during such a difficult time. Work books were produced as a way of setting goals and documenting achievements and the improvement to their mental and physical well being was apparent. As we came out of lockdown, friends of friends of FRIENDS began asking if they could come to Lottie's Yard and complete the program as well.

And so Lottie's Yard became something more than just a haven to a lucky few during lockdown, it is now a place that other people can enjoy on a more permanent basis. We now have 2 horses, 9 guinea pigs and 2 rabbits!

We call our Lottie's Yard customers and friends "YARDIES" and welcome you to contact us for more information!